You, yes you, are the most crucial ingredient to the success of The Sheridan Angels. Your generous donations and loving support is what makes this work. The Sheridan Angels inspire our community to make a direct and meaningful difference in the lives of families in need of a hand-up by offering immediate, limitless crisis relief by paying it forward. We have our 501c3 designation so your donations can be tax deductible.  Thanks to you, we provide a wide spectrum of programs and services for all walks of life.

Every year for “back to school” we provide an average of 500 brand new backpacks filled with the school supplies required by the 19 schools in all three local districts. On a daily basis we provide food, household items, hygiene items, gas, furniture, appliances, towels and linens, bus tickets, lodging, mechanical help, holiday relief, and basically anything you can think of to provide assistance to families in crisis that are in need of assistance. We require that families receiving assistance are willing to work hard to better their life in order to prevent reoccurring crisis.  We also encourage everyone to pay it forward and love one another.  All we have is each other :)